Religion Anonymous: 12 Steps to Recovery

16 11 2011

We have developed these 12 steps as a road map to help those who are beginning to question their religious beliefs. Many of us have followed these steps on our own journeys towards Humanism.

1. We questioned the way we had been taught about religion as children and what we had always accepted as fact.

2. Admitted that we have the power to understand the nature of the Universe without the need for superstition.

3. Acknowledged that logic, science, and reason are the only sources of truth and understanding.

4. Came to believe that, based on falsifiable scientific knowledge, there is insufficient evidence to suggest the existence of a god or gods.

5. Came to think of ourselves not as Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc, but as members of the human race.

6. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

7. Admitted to ourselves and to other human beings the nature of the wrongs that have been committed in the name of religion.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed as a result of our religious beliefs, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

10. Were entirely ready to accept responsibility for our own actions and make a concerted effort to address the problems that affect us all as humans.

11. Became willing to admit our lack of belief to those we know and love, regardless of how this revelation might be received.

12. Made an effort to explore our lack of belief in god(s) and to discover the nature of what we DO believe in.




3 responses

16 11 2011
Random Ntrygg

now those are steps to get on top of

16 11 2011
12 Steps of Religion Anonymous | Random Ntrygg

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23 11 2011
Coming out of the closet… as an Atheist « United Assembly for Humanism

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